Monday, January 6, 2014

Historical Beauty Trends: Footbinding

I do not understand how the Western culture continues to support unhealthy, skinny beauty trends; however, looking back on beauty trends throughout history gives me hope that one day this deathly fashion will become a worldwide taboo.  

Chinese Foot binding: 

Between the 8th century and 1900s, footbinding or lotus feet were custom for women in China.  Because bones are less dense and still growing during childhood, girls any where from 2 to 7 would begin this "tradition." During the process all the toes except for the great toe are folded down, while the arch is bent backwards.  The children's developing feet would be forced into this new appearance by tight bandages, cutting off circulation and often leading to gangrene or other infection.  The "perfect" foot would be about 3 inches long.  

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