Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stop the Bullying!

I saw this about a month ago on http://www.upworthy.com/, and the support and positive responses for this beautiful reporter warmed my heart. 

"You know nothing about me but what you see on the outside, and I am much more than a number on  a scale."

"That man's words mean nothing to me."

She brings up a wonderful point at the end.  She explains how children pick up on what parents do at home.  They treat others the same way their parents treat others.  So don't underestimate the power you have on the next generation.  Instead of continuing the cycle of hate, empower your children.  Teach them love, and they will love.  Teach them respect, and they will reciprocate.    

A poem by Lily Myers, "Shrinking Women," tells another woman's story of how her family has a passed down predisposition of feeling like they take up too much space."

Remember what you do is passed down.  What you do can be seen and heard around the world.  Take a stand and change the way you act! Love and accept yourself as well as others!

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