Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Real Beauty

I absolutely adore The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

So I wonder what I would put beside a picture of myself?

Skin and Bones?

I know that I'm a little bit of all these.  Everyday I strive to be healthy and to accept my own body, and I am growing and loving myself more everyday.

So now I say thank you, Dove! Thank you for showing women in their own skin.  Women who are beautiful despite what popular media says.  Women who radiate beauty just the way they are. 
 Please don't stop!

Side Note: It's funny how children say things so innocently.  When I was in elementary school my aunt  kept calling me a twig.  One day I had enough of her name calling.  She told me, "you're nothing but a twig."  I responded quickly, "Well, you're nothing but a log!"  We had a few good laughs about that one.  As a child, it did not matter how large she was, because I knew she could pick me up, play with me, even hold me while she slid down a hill of gravel so we wouldn't get hit by a train.

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